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Connect digitally

We can’t wait to connect digitally with you on September 4th and 5th!

Unfortunately we won’t be able to meet with all of you in person this year, but we’re excited to see you virtually! Check out all the ways you can network, chat, and interact with us digitally this weekend.

Video Chat with Peers
Connect with your colleagues in the ISAPS Networking Lounge. Found in the Exhibition/Coffee Break area and at the ISAPS booth, the chat tool allows you to interact with other participants through video/audio chat or text. Move your icon around the chat room and open up a conversation-bubble by moving near the person you want to talk to. Catch up with an old friend or join a group discussion!

Share Your Photos on Our Social Media Wall
Access our online photo booth, where you can take photos using your laptop camera and share them instantly to your social media accounts!
When posting, use the following hashtags to have your photos automatically posted to our live social media wall:
#isapsolympiad #isapsvirtual #isaps #myisaps
Photobooth Collage

Already have a photo you’d like to share? You can also post an existing photo or video and have it shared to our social media wall — just make sure to use the hashtags above!

To celebrate ISAPS’ half century, Crisalix is offering each participant their face image in 3D. This image can be used on social media to create more visibility or in any other way you would be interested in. It's as simple as taking 3 selfies on your smartphone and the solution will produce your 3D automatically in seconds, thanks to the latest Crisalix AI technology, which is normally used for 3D in-clinic or remote video consultations.
To facilitate your experience and even let you test it with some patients, simply forward this e-mail with your contact details to

Cast Your Vote - You Decide Who Goes to the ISAPS Olympiad!
10 of the best lectures from this weekend’s event will move on to compete at the 2023 ISAPS Olympiad in Athens, Greece.
After each lecture, using a QR code and your smartphone you will have the chance to rate the speaker on a scale of 1-10, with 1 point being the worst and 10 points being the best. Make sure you check your smartphone after each lecture to vote!
The decision is in your hands!

All of these digital networking tools will be made available to you starting on Friday, September 4th during the virtual exhibition from 12:00 - 16:00 UTC.
Why not give it a try and meet with a colleague to plan your schedules for Saturday?

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