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50th anniversary

ISAPS is turning 50!

This year, ISAPS turns 50! And we want to celebrate our 50th birthday with all of you at this year’s Virtual Conference, the 'ISAPS Olympiad,' on September 5, 2020.

As an international society, our organization wouldn’t be the same without its members. For our birthday celebration, we want to share your ISAPS memories and your ISAPS experiences. We hope you will help us celebrate this significant milestone by sending us photos, videos, and personal anecdotes that we can share at our Virtual Congress this September!
Over the past five decades, our members have hosted many events, visited countless countries, and fostered strong friendships. Now we want to hear from you – please send us your personal photos on the following topics:

  • Your favorite ISAPS moments
  • Your experiences in the past 50 years with ISAPS

We also want to highlight what makes ISAPS so special. Please send us a short video submission on 2-3 of the following topics providing as much detail as possible:

  • Videos congratulating ISAPS on our 50th birthday – perhaps you’d like to sing us happy birthday?
  • The funniest ISAPS experience that you have never told anyone about before
  • A friend or partner that you met through ISAPS
  • An ISAPS colleague whose unique technique you learned
  • If you could describe ISAPS with a single word and why

We suggest the following formatting guidelines for your video submissions:

  • Use a 16:9 (landscape) format and ensure that you are centered and that your whole face and torso are visible
  • Keep your video at 10-20 seconds per topic
  • Choose a background you are comfortable with (in your office, in the clinic) but make sure there is enough light
  • Begin with a short introduction: I am [name], plastic surgeon from [country]. I am a member of ISAPS since [year].
  • Please select at least 2-3 topics. If you would like to select more topics, you can also send in multiple submissions!
  • Begin your answer to the topic by repeating the themes listed above (i.e. "The best lecture I heard through ISAPS was…")
  • End your speech with the words I am ISAPS
  • If you would like to record a video in collaboration with another plastic surgeon, no problem! You can use Zoom or another video call platform to send us a video featuring multiple people at once.

We have set up a Dropbox for you to directly upload your videos and photos. Please clearly label your files in the following format:
Photos: LastName_FirstName_Year_Location
Videos: LastName_FirstName_VideoDescription
Please click the button below to access the Dropbox.

Upload your data here!

Thank you for helping us make our 50th birthday one to remember!
We are excited to receive your photo and video submissions. Feel free to be as creative as possible, and remember to have fun!


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